Trauma Informed Workforce Port Macquarie.

This training will enhance your skills when working with traumatised populations.


A Comprehensive Workshop for Working with Traumatised Clients

This immersive training program is designed to equip you with a robust understanding of the intricate dynamics of trauma, its neurobiological implications, and the stress cycles associated with it.

My aim is to provide you with practical, immediately applicable skills that will enhance your professional capabilities when working with traumatised clients.

By the end of this workshop, you will not only gain a deeper insight into the complexities of trauma but also acquire specific tools and techniques like the 5 C's in responding to trauma that I have created that can be seamlessly integrated into your practice.

This will empower you to foster a more healing and supportive environment for your clients.

I believe that confidence and energy are key to effective client work. Therefore, this training is also focused on boosting your confidence and revitalising your professional energy.

I want you to leave the workshop feeling more resourced, energised, and confident in your work.

Join me in this transformative journey and bring about a positive change in your clients' lives.

"This was great and the 5'Cs are so helpful!"



  • Understanding the stress response and the importance of completing the stress response for clients;
  • Understanding a client's physiology, neurobiology and behaviour from a trauma perspective;
  • Expanding our understanding of what is trauma informed care and how we can put it into practice;
  • How to respond to people in crisis, with complex childhood trauma & PTSD;
  • Understanding the nervous system regulation through the window of tolerance and a Polyvagal lens;
  • Understanding and managing vicarious trauma from an individual and organisational perspective;
  • Post traumatic growth and how we can know when a client has integrated trauma;
  • How to respond and heal trauma impacts with demonstrations of trauma informed skills for specific situations and,
  • Apply clinical examples throughout our conversations to enrich your practice.

Port Macquarie, NSW.

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"We all found your training informative and engaging. It was lovely to participate in some face to face training after so long behind a computer over the Covid online training era. Thanks so much for your time and knowledge. Please keep us informed of any future workshops as we would love to come back and visit again."

Sarah, Frontline Worker

"Thanks so much ladies for a great training day. Really appreciate the resources."

Amanda, Behavioural Support Worker

"It is rewarding to sit with my peers in a group setting like the one you provided and learn and discuss all things trauma informed. I have some key information I am able to articulate about trauma and Iā€™m always keen to add to this. I will definitely consider doing this or a similar group in the future. Thank you again for your wonderful presentations. "

Bobby, Caseworker

"You are both incredible women ā€“ thank you for holding space for us all on Friday and for inspiring us to continue to hold space for our clients"

Mel, DV support worker

"Loved it girls!! Already using it on my kids."

Bel, Hairdresser


Stay up to date with the latest research provided to you in a digestible language along with practical skills on how to respond to complex stress and trauma responses.

Trauma Informed Workforce

Day Rate: $1200


In person in Port Macquarie, NSW.

What's included:

The stress response

The neurobiology of trauma

Trauma Skills demonstrations

Polyvagal Theory

Trauma Informed Practice

Responding to PTSD presentations

Limbic Counter Transference

Managing Vicarious Trauma

Post Traumatic Growth

And more!

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"I wanted to again thank you for the session...I found it extremely beneficial. I passed on my glowing reviews to my boss this morning."


"This is the most comprehensive trauma training I've been to and I've been to alot!"


"Loved it and only wished it went for longer."

Care Support Worker

"Thank you so much Cherie and Krystal. Friday was such a brilliant day ā€“ despite the context of the content!"

DV support worker

"I really enjoyed the session and feel lucky to have been able to see it. Very interesting material and food for thought now and for the future. Iā€™m going to pass on to my husband who has been in very high-pressured jobs and experienced bullying in his work life that has been traumatic for him at times."


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Get a sneak peak of one of the resources you will learn.

This is an EMDR technique called the Bilateral Butterfly Hug which can help soothe, desensitise or process traumatic content.


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